Breakfast of Champions

Its been a while since i’ve posted a statement, comment or anything but a great recipe for future use, but I am going to try and take time to share a few thoughts on a semi regular basis.  Well, see, one step at a time.  

Today, I want to really start focusing on the last few weeks before my half marathon both nutritionally and physically.  I have to say I am not entirely ready for this half marathon in the Grand Canyon, some of its life situations that have impact my mental focus.  The other has been my own inability to motivate myself to get out and run and train.  In either case, I have to decide what I am want to do with the next 3 weeks and how I want to focus on final preparation.  In the end, my goal is to run the best I can, enjoy the scenery and have fun.  

This half marathon is the 1st ever race near the Grand Canyon.  We aren’t running in the canyon, not really an option, but I hope to explore a little bit while we are there before we had out to other adventures in and around Arizona & Utah.  I have always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon and we needed a vacation, some time away from all the life circumstances that have been added to our plate this past year.  

This race may not result in the goals I have put forth for myself but I will finish, even if I have to walk.  I am not a quitter or willing to say I can’t just because I refused to do something I should have.   I know that there will be future races that I can achieve the time goals i want, but I also have to be willing to make the investment in time & training to achieve those goals.  

Today, is a new day, a day to start to refocus and get mentally prepared for the race ahead.  I am starting this path with the breakfast of champions.  Breakfast is often something people struggle with and for me is a balance of protein and good carbs and for me sweet potato pancakes with chia and flaxseeds along with berries and maple syrup is a great way to fuel the starting of my day.  Of course, I’ve coupled it with some coffee laced with coconut milk, my newest BFF!

Where ever you are at in your life’s journey or training program, maybe you are like me and need to refocus or maybe you are where I want to be, fuel yourself with your own Breakfast of Champions.  Fuel for the body is just as important for the mind, and sometimes more important.  

Day is the first day of a new day of training.  Even if you haven’t been training like you want, start anew today!